C.H.I. Residential Garage Doors Phoenix AZ By Garage Doors Repair Tech Service

Wood garage doors give your home a natural elegance and authenticity that synthetic materials can’t quite match. Installing a wood garage door adds an unparalleled degree of sophistication and curb appeal to the exterior of your home or business. Being one of the most most utilized building materials wood holds the title for the best customization. It can come with finely detailed accents to match your home’s individual character and architecture. This will enhance your home’s appearance in a way that is both flattering, secure, and durable.


Its unique shade gives a wonderfully rustic yet elegant presence. An appealing decision for a wide mixture of home styles.


For a fantastic, classic look that never fails to exude grace and comfort. A most loved favorite among those whose tastes tend toward the conventional or traditional looks.


This stunning finish adds carefree beauty and grace to any home. If you’re looking for instant charm, you have found the style for you.


Rich, deep, and exquisite, this look says you’ve arrived. A simple way to stir up the envy among other garage doors on your block.

Accents are only available in models 5283/5983 & 5216/5916, both in long/short stamp configurations. Both feature a CFC-free insulated core for insulation against the elements and long lasting steel construction. If you’re ready to upgrade your home with a more stylish statement with your home, Garage Doors Repair Tech are the specialists to thoughtfully and expertly customize your home with a wood garage door.


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