When you’re searching for sectional garage doors or industrial sectional doors for your commercial property, Garage Doors Repair Tech can help!  We offer all styles of commercial sectional garage doors.  Our team installs, maintains, and repairs sectional garage doors in Phoenix, Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert, Scottsdale, and all cities in the valley.  If your sectional garage door is worn out, rusted, damaged, dented, or you’re building a new building we offer affordable and durable sectional garage doors.

From architecturally inspired models which are visually stunning to more utilitarian industrial garage doors we have the most durable and thermally efficient commercial sectional garage door solution for your business. Browse below and find the sectional door that is right for your location. We will help you select a commercial garage door that best fits your location and needs. Give us a call if you have any questions and we will help choose and install the perfect sectional door that will deliver the aesthetic appearance you want and be the durable and functional solution your business needs.

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We have all types of commercial garage doors that are certain to satisfy whatever requirements you have for your particular industry or application. Contact us today to find out more!


New commercial buildings in the Phoenix area need to have quality sectional doors. These doors get a lot of use and need to be installed correctly to take the punishment. We have a wide selection of quality commercial sectional garage door options. You can choose if it will be insulated or not, the size, and you can specify if you have any color needs. There are even options for personnel doors to be part of your sectional door to ease access without the need to open the entire door.


We all hope for business so busy it knocks us off our feet. With that kind of busy environment you are sure to have shipments coming and going all day, every day. To keep your facility comfortable and secure the door has to be opened and closed each time. This puts a lot of wear on the parts and it isn’t uncommon for sectional doors to need some maintenance.


Warehouses and commercial locations are busy place with lots of activity. It is all too easy to have an accident and damage your sectional door. A simply bump with a big enough forklift is enough to need sectional garage door repair. If something like this has happened or a part has worn out and failed our technicians will be happy to help you diagnose the problem, and recommended affordable solutions.


Commercial doors get a lot of use, so they need to be installed right, serviced correctly, and repaired when necessary.The rain that comes in during storms can cause corrosion and frequent use will wear out parts. As this happens it is important to fix things quickly as they break. Letting the door work until it completely stops typically damages more components and increases the cost of repairs. If you need service on your commercial sectional garage door in the Phoenix metro area, give us a call at 480-641-2301.

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If you’ve got a property in the Phoenix Valley that could use a new sectional garage door, we can help! We carry all of the most durable and top rated brands and models of sectional garage doors. Give us a call and we’ll come to your property and discuss your needs and offer affordable yet durable options for a new sectional garage door for your facility. With decades of serving clients in Arizona we offer you the peace of mind that only service from the highest rated professionals can bring.


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